Before You Get Started

If you already have experience with Internet Marketing and just want to advance and build out your business, go directly to the Get Started page.

Before Getting Started - Pause

If you are new to Internet Marketing, is the right place to be.

You should first check out my article on The Business of Internet Marketing so that you have things covered on the whole concept of internet marketing, and the state of the industry.

Your Passion Fuels Your Journey

Now that you have that covered, let us begin with the understanding that together we are going to build an authoritative, profitable, here-to-stay Internet Marketing business.

In other words, you will probably not be creating any profits tonight, but in as little as a few weeks you will be seeing the beginnings of a business you will be very proud of.

So it will be important to choose to promote something you have a passion for, a deep interest in, or just love being involved with. This will be crucial when you do not feel like working, but the passion you have the product motivates and drives you to get it done.

The Right Tools for the Job

Tools required for Internet Marketing

As you may already know, there are a few things you must own yourself, and some things that you should lease, borrow, rent, outsource or at least have access to d in order to get off the ground and then keep your business running smoothly.

I promise that I will show you how to get started with two websites, state-of-the-art hosting, light but potent training and even product and niche ideas for free – absolutely no cost to you.

But before we get into mainstream business building, I recommend that you lay the foundation (set the groundwork) first by developing the mega marketer mind set, and then becoming familiar with the whole concept of Internet Marketing.

When you understand the core of Internet Marketing and put these elements in place BEFORE you dive in, you will find that it is much easier to get through with all the other concepts that will follow later.

Be assured that it will not be a long process but it will prove to be fundamental to building with ease and confidence in a short space of time. You may even be able to start your business today.

Here are just a few areas you should give some thought to before starting your Internet Marketing business. I have provided information on each of them via the links, but in most cases, depending on your particular website, you will have to make a decision based on what is best for your website and the type of business you want to build.

  1. How to find products to promote.
  2. Niche vs. Brandable websites.
  3. How to name your website.
  4. How to build a user-friendly website.
  5. How to choose the domain.
  6. How to own your domain name.
  7. How to get your unique affiliate code.
  8. How to avoid Internet scams.

Try as much as possible to follow along sequentially, so that you do not miss any of the areas. They are all important.

You are now so much closer to a new start-up business. Keep going and soon you will have a full-fledged business that you built from the ground up. When you are comfortable that you have covered all the areas above and taken the necessary action, you will be ready to get started. I am thrilled to be helping you build your internet marketing business and wish you much success.

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