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Live Your DreamsTake The Challenge

Go ahead, right now. You choose your income!

Write down the amount of money that matches the lifestyle you want to have. Not the lifestyle you can now afford. Not the income you or anyone else believes you could possibly earn. Not the income that your paycheck says you are worth.

I am challenging you to write down that figure that would cover everything you want to be, to do, to give and to have, and then add some more for those ‘I-did-not-budget-for-this’ days. The figure that means you can live your dreams, whatever they may be.

And don’t be shy about it,either. You know you want it!

Start by totaling your weekly wanna haves, wanna do’s and wanna be’s, then progress to monthly, and top it off with the annual.

Get there yet? Good.

That’s the figure that’s makes us all smile. Yeah I see you smiling! That is the amount of money you need in order to live the life you want to live – freedom of expression, freedom from financial burden, freedom to just be YOU.

Now compare that figure to what you are currently earning, and honestly answer the question:

‘Can I achieve all I want with my current income?’

If you can, you’ve got it made. Congrats to you! You are among the very few persons on the planet who can live all their dreams on a paycheck.

Get Ready to Live YOUR Life

But if your answer is ‘no’, you are in the right place. At You Choose Your Income you will learn how to earn the money you need to really live the satisfying and exciting life you want. And it is easier than you think.

So decide to hang out with me for a while and I will take you from the ground up – or wherever your starting point may be – and get you on your way to earning the income you want, in a relatively short time.

You Are In Good Company

Happy Boy and Girl Going To SchoolBut first, know that you are not alone. The majority of people around you are also looking for ways to earn more money, and as you will learn later, this can be to your advantage.

Take me for example. It was a startling realization for me to discover that I would not be able to live the life I want to on my nine-to-five income.

‘Go to school, get a sound education, get a good job’. Being the obedient child, I listened to parents, teachers and other authority figures exhort this maxim, and it became the blueprint for success.

Follow it, and I would have amazing success in all I do.

I went to college and university, behaved well, sat with crossed legs (when necessary), did my homework, aced my exams, landed a job right out of school, and several promotions and advancements followed over the years.

So Where’s the Income to Match my Dreams?

My goals included three well-behaved kids who followed all the rules and enjoyed spending all their leisure time with me.

We would all live happily in my dream home that just had to have a state-of-the-art gym even if it did not have a kitchen. (Don’t judge me – it is MY dream).

Travel, travel, travel. And when I return from traveling, take a trip.

It was all planned – indulge in all the pleasures of life that follow when you work hard and play by the rules.


Stack of Gold Coins


So where’s the income to make it all happen?

They all said that’s how it is done. And that’s what I’ve done.

But seriously, I have enjoyed all the studying and working and the new experiences that came along the way are invaluable. My telling you now how to get the money you want, to do what you want, comes as a result of doing all I’ve done to get here.

I appreciate all the guidance I received along the way, but I have had to stray quite a bit from the planned course in order to be, to do, to give and to have all that I CHOOSE to have. 

Reconsidering Success

You will agree with me that two very critical factors have given us all reason to re-evaluate and modify traditional, time-honoured blueprints for success:

  1. Advances in Technology
  2. Millennial and iGen reasoning and philosophies

Chalkboard TechnologyAdvances in Technology

We are heading toward a digital society. Some believe we are already there.

Technological progress has made it possible for more than 3 billion people across the globe to access the internet, compared with just 400 million people less than 20 years ago. That is a staggering change in such a short time, and it will continue to grow.

More and more, both at the business and personal levels, people are searching for and finding ways to use the internet to get things done faster and cheaper. Those who are not heading in this direction, will find it more difficult to succeed.

For those who want to know the stats and other technical details, Get the facts on how the internet is revolutionizing the world, and the forecast for the years ahead.

Using Technology to Make Money

At some point in time during their lifetime, the 3 billion people who have internet access will search online to find some product, service or concept. I will show you how to align yourself so that you are in a position to provide the information or product they are searching for, and get paid for it.

Make-Money Computer KeyboardSounds good? Of course it does!

But you have to do some work.

Sorry but this is not a business where you will be getting something for nothing. You have to commit the time to finding out what people are searching for online, what they are willing  and ready to purchase, and how to guide them effortlessly to that product, so that you develop a trusting, mutually beneficial relationship with them.

Come on, where’s the smile! Don’t lose it because you have to do some work to create what you want. This is a good thing.

Actually, it is a great thing because I help you every step of the way. Getting started is super easy and free, and after that I provide all the training, support and networking necessary for you to achieve that wonderful amount of money you wrote down earlier.

You are in good hands here at YCYI, so stay where you are!

Generations of Opportunities

Every generation has a reason to surf the vast world wide web – all of them searching for information, products and services to satisfy a need.

The young  iGen, (up to 17 years of age) they have inculcated a philosophy of ‘on-demand’ results. They have used technology to ‘click and receive’ the answers for just about everything, and as they enter young adulthood we expect that this notion of instant fulfillment will follow them, or should I say precede them.

The Millennials (18-39 years) are assiduously searching for different ways to be ‘entertained’, for smart, sensible ways to get what they want now and to pay off their debts early.

The Gen Xs  (40 to 51 years of age) are currently trying to find alternative or additional ways to boost their current income in preparation for retirement, and to contribute meaningfully to the iGen and Millennials.

The Baby Boomers (52 years to 70) want to stay active during retirement and enjoy their post-retirement years. Their aim is to get out of debt if they have not already done so and take long, leisurely vacations. And why not check in to a luxurious retirement village!

Each of these generations has realized  that the internet opens a plethora of opportunities and are tapping into it for ways to resolve their respective concerns.

The above is simply to illustrate to you that every generation has a reason to connect to the internet, and they are doing so comfortably and with increasing frequency. So whether you want to provide information and products for the young, the elderly, or those in-between, they are all connected and looking for something that you can provide.

This video about Millennials will give you some food for thought.

Make It Happen Here

So, as you notice, the internet is for everyone, including you. And whatever stage or phase of life you are, you have an opportunity right now to identify one of your many passions (I know you have several, we will being with just one) and turn it into a successful, sustainable online business. 

All you need is the will to turn your passion or interest into a thriving business, and the commitment to doing what it takes to make it happen.

You Choose Your Income will do the rest. We provide the knowledge, tools, resources and best practices in the online world, so that building and maintaining a successful online business is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Hang out with me at my online business location, or go ahead and check out The Business of Internet Marketing to get a better grasp of the type of business we will be building in just a short while.

Here’s to choosing!

Contact Me

I would love to hear from you. If you have any comments or queries about You Choose Your Income, or would just like to share your online story, feel free to drop me a comment below, and I will be sure to respond.


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