High-Involvement Marketing

How To Sell Big-Ticket Items

To be successful at marketing high-involvement (expensive, risky, purchased infrequently, highly self-expressive) products you need to understand the process the consumer will go through to gather and evaluate information relating to the product.

Your aim here is to help the potential buyer develop a belief about and an attitude towards the product so that they can make an informed purchase choice.

The behavior of the consumer can be rather complex when they are highly involved in the purchase process, and Marketers as well need to be highly involved as well, providing sound information on the attributes of the product, their benefits, and the unique features of the brand.

The After-Taste of Big-Ticket Purchases

When there is little difference in for example the price and quality among brands for big-ticket items, consumers may shop around very little just to learn what is available, and then make a purchase fairly quickly.

A good price or the convenience of same-day delivery may be enough to result in a purchase decision.

Big Ticket Item Carpet

Items like carpeting and computers fall into this category where the products are self-expressive and purchased infrequently.

Consumers of such items tend to experience some level of discomfort after they make the purchase (post-purchase dissonance) as they are now aware of other brands and compare their choice to the others.

They are also now comparing their expectations with the actual performance of the product, and the further apart the expectations and performance are, the higher the level of post-purchase dissonance.

Mega-Marketer Behavior

This is where the Mega Marketer confirms with the buyer that they made the right purchase decision, providing the Marketer was totally honest in describing what they product actually delivers.

Always be aware that many products now have a 30-day, sometimes 60-day and 90-day return guarantee which must be honored, and for which no commissions are paid until the guarantee period has passed.

Regular after-sale communications are generally very effective and are today expected as the norm by consumers.

Free offers (cleaning of carpet or cleaning supplies), and maintenance or how-to-use tips or direction on where such can be accessed, would be a great way strategy for the Marketer to adopt.

This will keep your customer satisfied and ensures that they return to your site when searching for their next big-ticket (or not-so-big ticket) product.

Mega-Marketer Mindset

Let your every sale be aimed at not just satisfying but delighting the customer so that you are continually building long-term (repeat purchases) relationships. Your business will develop a sound reputation and become mega profitable in the process.

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