How to Avoid Internet Scams

Internet Scams

There is really no hiding it. There are scams on the Internet. Several of them.

There are many ways to identify scams and I have set out most of them in my article How To Avoid Scams Online.

For the purpose of getting your online business started, you will be following my lead and together we will stay far away from them.

You should however note the following:

– if a merchant requests payment for a unique identifier code, do not pay. It may or may not be a legitimate business, but there are thousands of affiliate programs you can sign up to for free. You should not have to pay a merchant to promote his product and generate additional sales for his company.

– when making payments to businesses that you believe are legitimate, check the URL for the ‘s’ after http (https) which indicates that the site is secure and the information you are sending over the internet will not be intercepted. The ‘s’ may not be noticeable on every page of their website, but definitely make sure it is on the page where you enter payment details and other personal information.

– be alert to ‘gurus’ and ‘self-made millionaires’ encouraging you to pay them to find out exactly how they became millionaires. They promise to share their secrets with you and most times, hundreds of dollars later, these secrets are still safely in their vault. If you are inclined to accept any of these offers, be sure to conduct some thorough research first so that you make an informed and educated decision.

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