How To Avoid Scams Online

Pyramid schemes. Ponzi schemes. Multi-level marketing. Internet rip-offs. Sweet-talkers and shysters.

How to Avoid Scams Online

You just have to spend enough time online and they will come for you. They are lurking out there on the Internet, just sizing up the next innocent, gullible web surfer. Don’t let them get you. Learn how to avoid scams online.

Whether you are new to the online industry or you have a fairly decent amount of experience under your belt, you may be tempted at times to ‘just try it and see’. And by the time the ‘trial’ is over, you are several hundred, sometimes thousands of dollars out-of-pocket.

Just have a look at this video and you will see for yourself.


Yup, I have had my fair share of ‘trials’. Hmmmm!

So here are a few guidelines for you to follow so you will not fall into the same traps. Spend your time building your online business in a safe, scam-free environment, rather than running after the next shiny object which quickly loses its gloss.

Sign-up Fees

It should cost you $0 to join an affiliate program. Consider this. You are signing up so that you can promote someone else’s product to make them more money. Why should you have to pay them in order to help them make more money?

So even if the offer sounds like ‘exactly what you have been looking for’, and they are asking for set-up fees, or selling you a website from which to promote the product, you should consider researching other options.

The best and largest affiliate programs have absolutely no up-front fees and you should tap into these legitimate programs instead.

Too Good To Be True Means It Is

Get rich quick! Overnight millionaire! 3 clicks to riches!

If these concepts were true, we would all have a gazillion dollars by now. And I would have triple that!

Caution: How To Avoid Scams Online

Beware of any program that promises you will get everything for nothing. It is simply human nature that causes us to seek the path of least resistance. And in the online world they will try to take advantage of this characteristic.

It is good business sense to find the niche, the product, the service that we can work with fairly easily, and is likely to get us to our goals in a short space of time. This is however different from chasing after every new offer that makes promises they cannot keep, or can only deliver on for a very short while.

Build your online business at your own pace, on a solid foundation that will be strong enough to handle expansion and you will reap increasing rewards for years to come.

The affiliate marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and is forecast by the experts to expand even more in the coming years. Be a part of the industry for the long haul, by becoming internet savvy and avoiding the pitfalls that eventually dishearten and bring failure.

Guru Promotions

Many times you see self-professed gurus promoting themselves, and promising to make you rich if you buy their program that will show you how to replicate their success.

Some of these promotions are genuine, but there are others that do not deliver on all they promise.

How To Avoid Online Scams

The unworthy pitches will lure you in with a free trial, but then they riddle you with several up-sells. This means basically that the free trial is relatively limited and in order to have access to the more substantive tools and resources, you have to dig a bit deeper into your pockets.

And this may likely happen many more times while you are chasing after the promised success and million dollar bank account of the promoted guru.

And what is even more frustrating, is that after you sign-up, there is no ‘sign’ of the guru. No further contact. No access. No support.

So even if you begin a program because it is in line with you goals and budget, be wary of any up-sells along the way and don’t be afraid to cut your losses early in the game and move on. It will save you time and money in the long run that can be devoted to something more worthwhile.

Your Legitimate Work-at-Home Job in a Safe Environment

These are just a few tips to keep you safe in the affiliate marketing world.

I fell into some of these ‘traps’ myself, but at least I am able to use my experiences to guide you away from these scams.

Work From At Home and Avoid Scams Online

Now I am settled at Wealthy Affiliate, the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art platform for building your affiliate marketing business. There is tons of support from a very active network of like-minded people, including the owners Kyle and Carson who you can have a chat with at any time.

At Wealthy Affiliate we teach you how to build your website, purchase your domain, access a vast library of training materials and participate in weekly, and attend live training sessions. In essence, it’s all you need to build a thriving business from at home.

The best thing about it, for me, is that you can start building your online business for free, and still have access to everything you need to succeed – the community, training, website building and hosting, support.

I have done a very in-depth Review of Wealth Affiliate so that you can get a good idea of exactly what it is, what it offers, and how you can get started with affiliate marketing today for $0.

Also feel free to check out some more guidelines that speak to internet and other fraudulent schemes here

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