How To Build A User-Friendly Website

As a beginner Internet Marketer, your website should be simple yet attractive.How To Build a User Friendly Website

Choose a website theme that you can manipulate easily, since you will be interacting with it on a daily basis. If the site maintenance is too complicated, you may lose interest and give up before you start to see the results.

Your theme should be black text on a white background, with little or no complicated features that you cannot handle at this stage. When you have gained some more experience with managing websites, you may step it up a bit.

I will also show you how to add graphics, videos and other features to your site that will make it even more appealing, yet still user friendly and easy to manage, and top-ranking in the search engines.

As always, your utmost consideration is for the visitors to your site. A simple website that they can navigate easily and locate the information they are looking for without too many clicks would be ideal for them.

When you start your business with me you will have over 1,500 themes to choose from. Choice is good, but it can be inundating to have to wallow through so many themes to choose just one.

To make it easier for you, I have selected a few of the simple, user friendly and attractive themes for you to make your initial selection from. You will still have the option of choosing from the full complement of themes when you begin, but this makes it easier and faster to get on with building your internet business.

If you want to change the theme later on to something of your choosing, this is also possible with a few minor adjustments to the layout of the content.

(Add 12 easy and useful themes pictures here)

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