How to Choose the Domain

Types of Website DomainsAs much as possible, you should try to go with a .com website. Each of these endings mean something and .com is most appropriate for our needs.

.com – used for businesses

.net – primarily used for technology companies

.org – primarily used for charities and non-profit organizations

.info – information sites

Early on in the internet age there were clear defining lines separating these endings. However, since  internet access has exploded and domain names are in high demand, there has been a lot of crossing the lines.

You will find it often happens that you have come up with the perfect name for your website, but somebody already has the .com taken. Unless it is absolutely critical that you use this name (and it never is) and must then go with probably the .org or .net, try to come up with another ‘perfect’ name where the .com is available.

.com names are at the tips of the tongues of internet users than any of the other extensions, so do your best to ensure your website is one of them.

I encourage you to start a list of possible names for your website and just keep adding names to the list as they occur to you.

The Internet is no longer in its infancy, and many of the names you come up with initially may be taken. It may be necessary to make some adjustments to your original name, but try not to end up with something too ridiculous just for the sake of retaining your original idea.

When it is time to own your domain name, you will be armed with your list of possible names. Starting with the most preferred name, just check each one until you reach the first one that is available for ownership (.com, of course).

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