How to Generate Content Ideas

Light Bulb Idea

Ideas for content are all around you.

Listen to conversations in line at the supermarket or your kids’ school PTA sessions.

People are almost always discussing both delightful experiences and not-so-good product interactions. Luck may have it that they are discussing either a product you already promote or a competitor’s product.

Television ads about similar products may trigger a content topic for your product, or a need or issue that you or a friend may experience could be an avenue for creating some content.

You can also have a look at other websites that are promoting the same product you are, and see what they are writing about.

Remember though that your content must be original and not copied from another website. The search engines do not compromise on duplicate content and your site will not rank favorably if you copy another site’s content.

Information Sites

I also recommend that you pay a visit to the information sites to find out what people are asking about your specific product or service, and the competitors’ as well.

Here are a few to start with:

Google Alerts

Google Alerts Snapshot

The Google Alerts facility is another very effective way to get content ideas. With this application you indicate the areas you are interested, and whenever Google recognizes any content with these keywords, they will send you an email alert at your g-mail account (so be sure you have created a new g-mail account for your business).

As you will see from my alerts, I receive several alerts relating to  Internet Marketing so I am always in the know.

These topics are relevant to my website and are just to give you an idea of the type of alerts I have generated.

Our sample basketball site may have alerts such as:

  1. New Nike basketball shoes + launch
  2. Latest Basketball shoes for females

Powerful Keyword Searches

The most exciting and in-depth way for me to generate ideas for content is by using the Jaaxy Keyword Research and Management Tool. It is just awesome. If you have not already tried it, go ahead and experience the power of Jaaxy.


More information on what Jaaxy can do for you can be found in my thorough Jaaxy Keyword Conqueror Review. It tells exactly what it is and what it offers, and its usefulness for several other functions besides researching keywords. You will definitely be needing it as we go forward.

Give It A Go

So there you have several ideas for content generation that will keep you busy building out your website for quite. Capitalize on these and you should never be out of ideas for content for your website.

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