How to Get a Unique Affiliate Code

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There are thousands of merchants and it will be impossible to register with all of them.

When you are in the process of deciding what product or products you will promote on your website, research at the same time the affiliate programs that are available for the product.

For example, staying with our basketball shoes example, you can google basketball shoes + affiliate programs and the results will show all the affiliate programs and networks available to sign up to.

I however recommend that to begin, you sign up directly with the Affiliate Networks which operate most of the programs, and have all your business kind of centralized for a while. The network will keep track of all your sales and pay the commissions on behalf of the merchants.

When you have your website up and running and getting some daily traffic you can sign up to the networks. It may not be wise to sign up right away, since the policy of some of them is to automatically close accounts that have been inactive for some specified amount of time. You do not want to run the risk of signing up now and then leaving the account dormant while you build up your business.

Also note that the Amazon affiliates program is a private, in-house program which Amazon runs itself. This program is not available via any of the networks. You can sign up directly with Amazon at

Most programs and networks will pay you by cheque, direct deposit or PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account you should sign up for it now at It is free to sign up and this account will be very useful for receiving and sending payments as well.

Here are a few Affiliate Networks to give you an idea of those you should sign up with:

  1. CJ Affiliates (formerly Commission Junction).

This is the oldest affiliate network and is preferred by the Fortune 500 companies. They have an exceptional pool of advertisers (merchants) and you can probably find all the products you want to promote right here. CJ deactivates inactive accounts and charges for maintaining dormant accounts. You can take a look at their website but do not sign up right now.

  1. Share-A-Sale.

A highly-admired affiliate network operating over 4000 affiliate programs, many of them exclusive to Share-A-Sale. Like CJ Affiliates, they monitor account activity and deactivate accounts that have not been generating sales for a length of time. There is a $25 charge for dormant accounts. Their facility offers real-time tracking which is a big plus, along with a referral program.

  1. eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network.

The e-Bay Affiliate Network has over 1,500 advertisers or merchants, and approximately 200,000 publishers or internet marketers like you and me. They use PayPal only to pay out commissions, with a minimum payout of $25.

If you will be promoting several products on possibly more than one website, as I believe you will be, you will have to manage all your codes and passwords properly so that you can always keep track of sales and access your commissions.

I will share with you the Google spreadsheet template that I use. It has been able to keep me sane over time and I hope it works for you as well. Do not wait until you have 10 accounts to begin filling it in. Start with your very first internet business username and password from Jaaxy and add the social media business sites you just activated. You have signed up, right! I know you did.

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