How To Name Your Website

This is totally up to you. Consider whether your site is a niche site or brandable site and this should make it a bit easier.

You may have to juggle a few potential names before you come up with the most suitable one for you.

Pay attention to the following:

– the name should make grammatical sense. is not very useful as a website name.

– since there are no spaces in website names (URLs), it should be a string of words that is still easy to read –

– try not to use hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate words in the website name (;

– your website name should not be extraordinarily long (

– refrain from using names that make the site appear to be a scam or is just about grabbing money, money money (

The aim is to give your visitors an exceptional user experience, and this begins with the website name. It should be friendly and inviting, so that they want to stay on the site for a long time exploring what you have to offer.

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