Get-Started Internet Marketing Glossary

Get-Started Internet Marketing Glossary

As a beginner in the world of Internet Marketing and more specifically Affiliate Marketing, you will likely come across several words and concepts that are totally new to you.

Do not feel overwhelmed.

There is no need to try to grasp it all in one session. You will probably encounter two to three new concepts each day you work on your business – about five if you are really racking up the hours.

There is an extensive Affiliate Marketing Glossary compiled by CJ Affiliate. You can access it right away, even before you become an affiliate with them. You will notice that some of the terms listed are specific to the CJ Affiliate program.

I have listed below just twenty (20) words and ideas that you should have a good grasp on from the very beginning.

  1. Active publisher (this will soon be you)
  2. Advertiser
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Blog
  5. Commission
  6. Cookie
  7. Cost per action
  8. Cost per click
  9. Cost per lead
  10. Cost per sale
  11. Email campaign
  12. Keyword
  13. Landing page
  14. Organic search
  15. Publisher
  16. Referral period
  17. Traffic
  18. Unique visitors
  19. Visitor
  20. widget

At your convenience, take five minutes to browse through a few of the other terms just to familiarize yourself with the jargon associated with your new business. As you continue to incorporate this vocabulary into your website content (if necessary) and your social media discussions, you will soon be noticed as a true Internet Marketer.

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