Marketing for Customer Satisfaction

More important than the must-have product you are about to pitch, is understanding your customer.

I know you have a good product, great product actually, but do you know if your customer is ready to purchase it?

Customer Satisfaction in Marketing

As a modern Marketer, your immediate focus should be on Building Customer Relationships mainly by marketing for customer satisfaction. To become an Internet Mega-Marketer you must have a strong desire to provide solutions to the many issues that people around the globe experience on a daily basis. In other words, your passion is first and foremost the customer’s satisfaction.

The New Marketing

You the Internet Marketers should no longer be satisfied with advertising and selling. Do not be concerned solely with making a sale or landing a purchase. Your focus should primarily be completely satisfying your customers’ needs. With this philosophy, as Marketing expert Peter Drucker believes, ‘selling is no longer necessary’.

Customer relationships and customer value should be of major significance to all Marketers at all levels. The attitude of customers has changed to become a discriminating and somewhat frugal philosophy, as they reconsider their attachment to brands and spend more judiciously.

For Marketers, this means offering lasting value to new customers and concreting the existing customer relationships. Your number one task today, more so than ever before, is to manage profitable customer relationships. This includes attracting and keeping new customers by delighting them with extraordinary value, and expanding your current customer base by ensuring customer satisfaction.

The modern Internet Marketer must always be on the lookout for creative ways to stay on top of your customer relationships. With today’s technology this can be relatively easy to do as you no longer have to undertake grueling mail-outs to reach your customers or create expensive media ads that may or may not reach your niche.

You can reach out to your customer directly and personally. The Internet Marketer is becoming like a distant relative who customers turn to when in need, and you MUST always respond by providing the solution they are seeking.

i. Quality Products and Services

Offer products and services on your website or by email that give your customer exceptional value;

ii. Strategic Pricing

Your offers should be reasonably priced based on quality, performance, durability, uniqueness, and other product features. Overpricing can be instantly detrimental to your business, as customers are able to compare your price with others in just a matter of seconds;

iii. After-Sale Communication

Customer Satisfaction and Marketing Success

Car Dealerships usually use the term ‘after-sale service’. All marketers should adopt this concept and make it routine to follow up with customers until you are satisfied that they are satisfied with their purchase. Based on the purchase some customers will likely experience post-purchase dissonance, and you must be the kind of Mega Marketer who will be there to get them through this phase.


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to staying in touch with your customers’ needs, increasing their lives in some way each time you encounter them, and building a lasting and mutually rewarding relationship with each and every customer.

Incorporate these simple elements into your everyday marketing practices, and you will soon reap the benefits of putting the needs of your customer first.

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