Niche vs. Brandable Websites

Niche Websites

A niche website normally focuses on one specific group of people, and promotes a single or several products to them.  For example a niche site could be a site dedicated to the basketball lovers niche, and promotes solely basketball memorabilia OR basketball shoes OR a single brand of basketball items. On the other hand, it could promote all things basketball – all brands of shoes, gear, equipment and so on.

Advantages of Single Item Niche Site

– easy to set up and manage;

– high level of product expertise developed from constant interaction;

– can easily become a go-to site

If you are starting an Internet Marketing business with a single item niche website, be certain the product does not have a foreseeable limited life (fad or seasonal products), and it is a product that you are familiar with and are able to write quality content about.

Just to note that as an Internet Marketer if there is a fad product that we can promote on an existing or new website to the benefit of our visitors and make a profit at the same time, we will certainly do it. I just do not recommend that new marketers begin this way.

Most Internet Marketers who establish single item niche websites normally have several of them running simultaneously to expand their profit base.

Of course we have to start somewhere, and we will begin with just one.

With niche websites, your domain name is usually an indication of what the site is promoting.

Examples of domain names for our basketball site above would be; I have no idea whether there are actual sites with these names, but you can go ahead and check if you are interested in these as domain names.

Brandable Websites

A brandable website is where you choose a name for your site and make it into a brand. The site may target more than one niche and promote several products/services.

Advantages of Brandable Websites

– more flexibility in what will be promoted on the website;

– several niches may be captured on a single website;

– opportunity to have several streams of income from one website.

Although you can promote several products and services to more than one niche on your brandable site, it must still have an overall theme.

For example, my website is a brandable site – I can go several ways with such a domain name, but my focus is showing you how to start an internet marketing business for free, and build it in such a way that you create whatever income you want.

Though there are various different products and services I will be promoting to several niches, I still have to be cognizant of the purpose of the site when I am building it out, and organize it with that purpose in mind.

You certainly know of That too is a brandable site, selling an amazing number of products to almost every niche imaginable.

If you are considering starting with a brandable website, you must be prepared to dedicate more time to building out the several areas of the site, and writing relevant, quality content for the products and services you will be promoting.

It is up to you to decide what type of website you will build, but note that you need to make this choice very early in the process, based on what you intend to promote. Consideration should also be given to the amount of time you can dedicate to making your first website a profitable space on the internet.

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