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You have probably heard the terms Commission Junction, ShareASale and Amazon Associates before. These are all related to Affiliate Marketing and they, along with several other affiliate programs and affiliate networks, provide the platforms for you to make money online.

For you to be successful, you should first understand affiliate marketing and how tremendous the concept really is.

Affiliate Marketing is the business of promoting the products and services of participating companies for a commission. It is internet-based, hugely profitable and has a high success rate for those who build a solid foundation for a sustainable online business.

To put this into perspective, take a look at the past, current and projected spend in Affiliate Marketing from 2010 to 2019, as provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

As the graph shows, Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry which is expected to expand even further and faster in the coming years. More people get access to the internet every day, more people are shopping online now than ever before, and the logistics of getting products and services to the consumers have been simplified significantly.

There are over 500 million products and services to promote as an Affiliate Marketer and the major brands including HP and Apple offer affiliate programs, as they too recognize the enormity of the affiliate marketing industry.

Affiliate Marketing is at the heart of every serious company’s marketing strategy. Amazon now has more than 488,000,000 products, and millions of Affiliate Marketers promoting their products under their in-house affiliate program, Associates.

And there are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs available for you to join, for free.

Given the enormity of the industry, thousands of persons have built profitable part-time and full-time businesses in Affiliate Marketing. Either way, having an online presence as an affiliate marketer now, can be very lucrative.

How Affiliate Marketing Works for the Company

A company marketing its products under an affiliate program will establish an in-house program where they manage everything in-house from tracking and reporting to the payment system, or they will join an Affiliate Network which is a depot for managing Affiliate Programs. You may find the affiliate program of one company listed under several different affiliate networks.

The most popular Affiliate Networks today include:

  1. CJ Affiliates (formerly Commission Junction)
  2. ShareASale
  3. Rakuten

These companies or merchants, through their affiliate programs and networks, pay you the affiliate or publisher to drive unique traffic to their websites. Traffic to your website which clicks through to the merchants, are now leads and potential customers which they probably would not have tapped into otherwise, and this is valuable to them.

There are several ways that companies may pay affiliates for driving traffic to them, including Pay per Click (PPC), Pay per Action (PPA), Pay per Lead (PPL) and Pay per Sale (PPS).

How Affiliate Marketing Works for the Affiliate

It is as simple as one, two, three, four.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will need a website or blog that is rich in content and generates unique traffic. Your website should be based on anything you have enough passion for or interest in so that you can write sensible content in that niche, and provide relevant and useful information, reviews, etc. of the product or service you are promoting.

When you have chosen your niche and started building out your website, you can sign up for the appropriate Affiliate Networks or Affiliate Programs, where you will be given a unique affiliate link by each program to include on your website.

These affiliate links contain special codes that ensure you receive the credit every time a visitor to your website clicks the link. The Affiliate Programs or Affiliate Networks also provide a facility for you to track your statistics in terms of number of clicks, volume of sales, payments, etc.

Most affiliate programs include a Referral System, where you are also paid a commission for enrolling people in that particular program. This is separate and apart from promoting the main product.

Different affiliate programs and networks pay at various times: beginning of the month, end of the month, or even mid-month. Some pay once per month, other payout more often.

There are also several methods of payment available, the most popular being PayPal, Direct Debit, Wire Transfer and Cheque. When you sign up with an Affiliate Program or an Affiliate Network, they will advise of their method or methods of payment, and the frequency of the payments.

Click here for a video walk-through of how affiliate marketing business model works.

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing as a Business

The Affiliate Marketing business model is undoubtedly the best for starting an online business.

  1. it can be done from anywhere in the world
  2. there is minimal or no start-up capital required
  3. there are no substantial over-head costs
  4. you can build your business in any area of interest to you
  5. it can be a part-time or full-time business
  6. the entire world is your marketplace
  7. you generate passive streams of income
  8. you can operate several businesses/websites simultaneously

Avoid Scams on the Internet

The Internet is vast, but do not be afraid of it. There will always be dishonest people hiding in the web to steal your money and your time. But there are also genuine people and companies with a high level of integrity that are willing to help you earn an honest dollar.

As an online entrepreneur, you have to become internet savvy and learn how to identify a scam very early in the game, before being duped.

Affiliate Marketers are paid a commission to promote the products of merchants on the affiliate’s website. If a merchant is asking you to pay them to get started, turn and walk away. It may be a legitimate business, it may not be. But do not hang around to find out.

There are thousands of affiliate programs you can join without having to pay a dime upfront, and these are the ones you should be seeking out. As you become more experienced with online activities, you can use your expertise to scrutinize each program.

How to Succeed At Affiliate Marketing

To succeed at Affiliate Marketing, you will need:

  1. A computer with an internet connection
  2. A niche (area of interest or a passion)
  3. A content-rich website

You can become an Online Affiliate Marketer right now, and be successful, no matter the day, the time, or your location in the world. what day it is, what time it is, or where in the world you are. It does not matter if you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, highly educated or otherwise educated. You have the same opportunity that millions of people have to succeed in this business.

With these in hand, you are ready to earn an income of $10,000, $15,000, $20,000, $50,000 and more every month. Furthermore, you can build as many of these income streams as you wish, and just reap the rewards of your efforts month after month.

Learn more about how to make money online by watching this training video.

How To Build a Website For Free

Not many people succeed at Affiliate Marketing without a website. But do not let this prerequisite deter you. There are many companies offering to build and host websites for a small fee.

If you already have a website, you can also learn how to monetize it or how to transfer to another hosting site.

Along with the websites you will also receive:

  1. the most secure hosting anywhere, along with 24 hour monitoring;
  2. FREE training videos, audio and blogs on how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from the ground up;
  3. access to a network of affiliates who are always willing to provide guidance;
  4. Weekly LIVE online interactive training webinars to help you maximize the tools available to you (keyword search tools, search engine optimization (SEO) tools, etc.).

It’s FREE to join so sign up now! Here you can find out how to get two free WordPress websites so you can start your business.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of the training offered, and to build and expand your business using tried and tested methods.

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