Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is this University Worth the Tuition Fees?

Wealthy Affiliate Review Education

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Stater Member Price: $0 (Sign-up Here)

Premium Membership Price: $49/month (Sign-up Here)

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Overall Ranking: 98.5/100

Who is WA for: Novice to Expert

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Is the free offer to roam the Wealthy Affiliate University and the inevitable tuition fees worth the time, money and effort?

Well I have been a full-time student/business builder of Wealthy Affiliate for several months now and I am about to let you know the truth behind the business, the community and the offers they promote.

Let us take a tour of the ‘WAU’ and check out their offers, infrastructure, training courses, tutors, and even the assignments, so you can make an informed decision on whether to commit your time and effort to the first lesson.

What is Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate is Internet Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate is an online university community of like-minded business persons (including the co-owners Kyle and Carson) building their internet marketing businesses on an integrated, state of the art platform. 

Wealthy Affiliate was conceptualized on the premise of being able to help EVERYONE build their own successful online business with the prospect of several streams of income and long-term results.Wealthy Affiliate Review Make Money Online

The businesses are built on the infrastructure provided by Wealthy Affiliate (website builder, hosting platform, trading platform), utilizing the training, tools, support, information, techniques and guidelines developed mainly by the owners and their resident live trainer Jay.

My Getting Started Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

By the time I considered Wealthy Affiliate as an online solution, I had already decided that I was not ‘investing’ any more money, nor excessive effort into plans that did not work.

I did have online experience, but no technical expertise in building websites and no familiarity with the internet jargon.

I was therefore excited with the Wealthy Affiliate offer:

$0 to get started

all training provided

This means that just about anyone can sign-up and start a business immediately.

As a $0 Starter Member, I received:

  1. Full access to the Get Started Training Module – the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (10 lessons);
  2. 2 fully functional, safe and secure websites;
  3. Website hosting on the most wide used hosting platform worldwide;
  4. Access to the live chat facility;
  5. Access to the Jaaxy keyword research tool;
  6. Access to thousands of like-minded, helpful community members;
  7. Access to experts and beginners alike in the Internet Marketing industry

Wealthy Affiliate is the only place that offers new members the opportunity to experience so much, absolutely free.


Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone?

Anyone who has access to a computer or other device with an internet connection and an interest in building a successful online business can succeed with Wealthy Affiliate.

Age and education do not matter, neither do experience, location nor social status.

Wealthy Affiliate provides everything you need to build your online business. You just bring the passion and the desire to build a business.

The Wealthy Affiliate Training

The Training Tone and Language

The delivery style of the training is professional yet light and conversational. There is not a lot of technical jargon and where it is unavoidable, it is broken down so that you can keep up with the trainer. This is also beneficial to the member who learns the basic language of the internet marketing industry.

The training available at Wealthy Affiliate is vibrant and refreshing and caters to many different learning styles:

  1. visual – tons of relevant images and pictures to maintain interest;
  2. verbal – spoken and written cleverly for the type of training being presented;
  3. social – interactive facilities to keep the social animals engaged yet productive;
  4. solitary – those who prefer to work alone (like I do) will be impressed with the delivery of the prepared core training.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Certificate Training

What impressed me most about the training is that no matter what style of learner you are, you can literally look over the shoulders of the training experts as they build out their own websites, and simply mirror what they do. 

This is priceless!

The sessions are just the right length to cover the specific topic, but not too long so that I lose focus along the way.

 Courses, Assignments, Tutorials and Q & A

At the end of each training segment you can join the discussion on the topic and help others who have questions, or ask if you have any.

You can also ask the trainers for clarification on any area that you need to have reinforced and what is really awesome is that you can expect answers within minutes.

I remember my first question as a newbie, which dealt with domain ownership. I was trying to purchase a domain name but the details section would not accept my postal code. I was stuck and could not go any further with this particular task. So I put the question out into the WA community, sent a ‘Private’ email to Kyle, one of the owners, closed my laptop and went on with my usual routines.

Just in passing, about 5 days later I decided to make a quick check back to see if anyone had even seen my question. What I saw just blew me away. There were several suggestions and shared experiences in the response section. And what was truly awesome is that Kyle and the community, had responded with a solution in just a few minutes of receiving my query.

I could have owned a domain days ago! Now I know not the measure the support service at WA with the same yardstick I use to measure others. They exceed expectations by miles.

What is also cool about the format of the certificate training is the practical component. Before moving on to the next lesson in the program you have a few simple tasks and assignments to complete which take you a bit closer to getting your business up and running, or expanded further. I simply love the assignment tracker which shows the assignments already completed, and those still outstanding. It keeps me honest.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Level 1 Course Outline


The Level 1, 10-lesson Certificate Course is available to all members free of charge and can be completed in a matter of days. By the end of the course I had an extremely good understanding of:

  1. the concept of an online business;
  2. what constitutes a safe and secure website;
  3. the benefits of owning a domain;
  4. website indexing in Google;
  5. Search Engine Optimization;
  6. Keyword research and management;
  7. the importance of authoring your own quality content;
  8. how to avoid scams online;
  9. the consumer purchase life cycle;

…. and many more soft topics, in addition to those mentioned in the course description.

The conversational tone makes the Wealthy Affiliate training environment conducive to engaging and interacting, and as a beginner I was like a new sponge just soaking up all the little nuggets of truth that lead to great success.

The most critical eye-opener for me even before I reached the end of the first course, was that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich quick fad, where you invest huge sums of money to make a few dollars in a couple days and then constantly wonder whether the next money-making day will be.

The information provided in Course One alone in invaluable. At the end of the level, you have several options ahead of you regarding what you can do with the knowledge, skills, information and training you acquired.

It literally is the foundation for a potentially large-scale operation.

Premium Membership

After completing the Level 1 Entrepreneur Certificate Training, I had the option, just like I did from day one, of upgrading to Premium Membership.Wealthy Affiliate Review Starter vs Premium

1st month of Premium: $19

Thereafter: $48/month

So I upgraded, because Premium Members have 5 times as much success as Starter Members, as well as more tools and benefits, including weekly live training sessions and resources to build 50 websites. Take a look:

Premium Training

All levels of the Entrepreneurship Training 1 – 5. Modules are:

  1. Level 1: Online Entrepreneurship Certification – Getting Started
  2. Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Level 3: Online Entrepreneurship Certification – Making Money
  4. Level 4: Online Entrepreneurship Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
  5. Level 5: The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Each level has 10 distinct lessons, and after each lesson I had the opportunity, or should I say my assignment was, to apply what I learnt to my business, with specific guidelines and the ability to be creative and expressive.

Some of the lessons included across levels two to five are:

  1. Principles of website traffic;
  2. Content that converts;
  3. Understanding affiliate programs and networks;
  4. The importance of Google Analytics;
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) video training;
  6. Business building through social engagement;
  7. Post-university success.

Live Training

In my view, the weekly live training sessions at Wealthy Affiliate provide an exclusive way for new and seasoned affiliates to improve and expand their existing businesses, and provide insight on how they can use what they have learnt to generate additional streams of income.

For example, I attended a session recently where Jay, the resident live trainer, delivered a session on how we can capitalize on the knowledge and skills from the training to build and rank websites for clients.

How awesome is that!

A potential source of income I had never even considered.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Live Training Replay

Each of the live training sessions is also suitable for beginners as well, as Jay always delivers in a way that all members can relate to. For the more advanced topics beginners get to see what the possibilities are if they are serious about building a solid online business.

Either way the topics are all relevant to building successful internet marketing businesses.

There is also a live chat running simultaneously with the training, where premium members engage each other, and the trainer, on the topic at hand. The Live chat facility is also available 24 hours a day for networking and business business building.

This type of online business camaraderie and cohesiveness is simply unmatched. Relaxed yet professional.

The live sessions are also recorded and made available in the ‘training library’ to all Premium members within just a few hours so that you can revert to it and go through at your leisure to capture anything you may have missed during the fast-paced 1-hour live session.

Premium Member-Trainers

After 3 months as a Premium Member you too can post training courses within the community area.

Members share a wide cross-section of information regarding what works in the business, personal development truths, and share with each other certain unique skills that we may possess.

As members tap into this training, they rate it and post reviews so that others can also see the benefits of the members’ training. It is also possible to earn additional income within Wealthy Affiliate from your training pieces.

Members are cautioned that the member-training area is not the place to promote their business or drop your affiliate links, as Wealthy Affiliate frowns on such practices and has a facility in place to monitor such actions.

The community is a totally spam-free environment.

  • Training score for relevance, practicality, access and results: 98/100

Tools for Success

Don’t you just hate it when you have a job to do and the appropriate tools are not available?

At Wealthy Affiliate you will not experience this frustrating issue. They provide the tools you need for success, and they are all included in the Premium package.

Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool

As you may know, a keyword is a single word or a string of words that persons key into a search engine when they are searching for something.

If your webpage has that keyword that is being searched for and it is configured so that it ranks well in the search results, you will get visitors to your webpage, who will engage with your content, and possibly make a purchase.

So Keywords are extremely important.

But how would you know exactly what persons are keying into search engines so that you can build content on your page around these keywords?

Enter Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool!

This tool highlights:

  • the number of times a month a particular keyword is being searched in the engines
  • the number of website competitors you have to contend with if you decide to use that particular keyword.

This is very important to know, as you would not want to spend a significant amount of time writing content around a keyword that either does not get enough searches a month, or where the level of competition is so high that you may be better off leaving that keyword alone.

The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool takes the guess-work out of your research.

  • Keyword Tool score for efficiency, planning, accuracy and results: 98/100

Wealthy Affiliate also offers the most advanced, sophisticated keyword tool on the market, Jaaxy. Given the importance of keyword research, I encourage you to check out my thorough Jaaxy Review and explore the Jaaxy Keyword Research and Management Tool here.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Jasxy Keyword Results

SiteRubix Website Builder

Wealthy Affiliate Review Easy Website Builder

My Price! My Name! My Design! My Website!

Four simple choices and I had a fully functional, live WordPress website. No codes. No parameters. No frustration.

With the Wealthy Affiliate website building facility, you choose a free or paid domain, name your website, choose a design from several clean and classy ready-made looks, and click ‘Build my website’. You will have a website in less than a minute. Literally, less than a minute.

Amazingly simple!

Website Builder score for simplicity, design choice, domain name choices: 99/100

WordPress Website Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress to host websites built within its space, and WordPress smoothly integrates with their SiteRubix site builder, and their Site Domains facility.

Now I am no expert in this area, nor do I have to be at Wealthy Affiliate. But what I can say from experience is that I have had absolutely no problems with these three facilities co-mingling to help me build out my online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Review WordPress Features

However, my research regarding WordPress exposed the following:

  1. WordPress is the most widely used SES platform. This refers specifically to content management and we know how important content is in this business.
  2. WordPress is used by 30% of all websites, globally;
  3. WordPress offers over 40,000 plug-ins (or feature extensions);
  4. WordPress provides a choice of over 4000 themes to Wealthy Affiliate Premium members;
  5. WordPress is certainly ahead of the curve, in my view.

For those who are technically-minded, take a look at the WordPress graphic to see all the other elements and features that may appeal to you.

As a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate I get it all included in my membership at no additional cost, along with a hi-tech facility to build my 50 websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Review SiteRubix spread










Starter Members are not left out however. They get:

  • 2 free WordPress Websites on a .siterubix.com domain; and
  • 12-14 website design themes to choose from.

for $0. Fantastic!

As a beginner you do not need more than that, so along with the training provided, you have all you need to build the foundation of your business.

Website Hosting score for functionality, simplicity, variety, flexibility: 99/100

Website Domains

When I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a Starter Member for free I did not expect to hang around for long. Then I upgraded to Premium for $19, and started building my website on the free .siterubix.com domain.

But there came a point where it made more business sense to own my own domain, rather than to continue with a sub-domain.

I was operating with: www.chooseyourincome.siterubix.com. Hmmm! Not appealing.

So I invested in a domain for a whopping $13.99/year.

Now www.youchooseyourincome.com is much more attractive to me, and I know it is to you as well.

It is an asset I cherish.

The important point is that I made the purchase right within Wealthy Affiliate. No searching around for the right (lowest) price, no name change challenges, no transfer woes.

But since we all still like to know what is out there, (and curiosity can be a good quality) take a look at this comparison table which lines up domain purchases at Wealthy Affiliate against other offers.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Domain Comparison

That is what I am talking about.

Website Domains score for price, convenience, ease of integration, option to choose: 98/100

Service and Support

Incredible. Believe me when I tell you the service and support within Wealthy Affiliate are just awesome.

One of the bummers that make people give up, in life and in business, is the feeling that there is no-one to turn to when you need assistance.

You will certainly not get the chance to entertain such feelings at Wealthy Affiliate.

There is always someone, somewhere, in another time zone, and on another hemisphere, who is awake, willing to lend a hand, and extends that helping hand.

All you have to do is ask, and take action accordingly.

I remind you of my experience mentioned above regarding being stuck while trying to purchase my domain.

When you know that you can get the help you need at any time of the day or night, it energizes you, and propels you along in the building of your business. So you can work at one o’clock in the afternoon or one o’clock in the morning, it does not make a difference to the level and quality of support you will receive at Wealthy Affiliate.

You also have the option of popping into a training classroom and asking your questions or expressing your concerns. The members who are present will provide the recommendations, advice and solutions on the spot.

Classroom topics include:

  1. Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  2. Everything WordPress
  3. Authoring and Writing Content
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Social Engagement and Marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Pay-per-click marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Review Classroom topics

But remember you do not have to have an issue with your website or get stuck writing content before you reach out. Within the community you can just start a chat on any topic or join an existing live chat.

There is also a softer side the Wealthy Affiliate. During the time I’ve spent at Wealthy Affiliate, I have been able to build and improve some personal development qualities, which are definitely required in the online business arena. I believe they came through the level service and support, and my interactions within the community. It is just a spin-off, or a side effect, of being here at Wealthy Affiliate and taking the necessary action when it is suggested.

  1. social skills
  2. time management
  3. discipline
  4. focus
  5. determination
  6. resilience
  7. goal-setting

Service and Support score for response time, available skill sets, knowledge base, solutions to issues, companionship: 99/100


  • the abundance of information can be overwhelming
  • Without disciplined time-management skills, newcomers can become distracted in the social community and neglect the business-building aspect of the university

How to Succeed at Wealthy Affiliate

  1. My number one recommendation for both Starter and Premium members building a business by way of the training and facilities offered at Wealthy Affiliate, is to take the recommended action when it is time to do so.
  2. Stay on top of the training and try not to move ahead without completing the required tasks. This will ensure you cover all the steps necessary for success, and you will not have to repeat a session because you did not follow through.
  3. Manage your time judiciously. You are building a business and you have to commit a lot of time and effort in order to make it successful. There is quite a lot to see and do at Wealthy Affiliate, so prioritize and ensure that you are always on target to meet your goals.
  4. Take advantage of the available support. Ask for help whenever you need it, no matter how trivial it may seem to you. You can move ahead within minutes if you just reach out to your colleagues for help.
  5. The Community is useful and helpful. Spend time networking as this is important particularly in a business such as internet marketing. But always keep your goals in mind and try to stay focused on building a successful business and achieving these goals.

My Final Verdict of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review University Logo

Is the Wealthy Affiliate University Worth the Fees?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Wealthy Affiliate is not your next shiny-object online scheme. Hands down, it is the internet marketing and online business game-changer. Wealthy Affiliate is the safest and most comprehensive online space for hosting, building and expanding your business, with all the necessary training and support at your fingertips.

There are several different types of businesses I can now get into with the knowledge, education and resources I gained, and still continue to gain at Wealthy Affiliate. It does not matter what your current level of education is, what your skill set is, what experience you have or don’t have, nor what your social or economic status is.

Wealthy Affiliate if for students, graduates, employed, unemployed, retired, educated, not as educated. ANYONE and EVERYONE can succeed.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can find everything you need to get your business started, or to expand your existing business.

Wealthy Affiliate University overall score for access, inclusion, infrastructure, training, support and success: 98.5/100

Contact Me

Hang out with me at my online business location at www.wealthyaffiliate.com, or meet me in a live chat at Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s $0 to become a member of this exclusive community and start building an online business.

I will personally welcome you to WA when you sign-up, and we can chat about anything you need help with as you build your business. Always feel free to ask.

All the tools and resources provided are for your benefit, your success. Take advantage of them, and make this happen for you.

Here’s to choices.





6 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review – Is this University Worth the Tuition Fees?

  1. I’ve read a few reviews on Wealthy Affiliate while I’m trying to decide on what direction I want to go and I have to tell you, your review is the most thorough review I have seen. Thank you for putting so much time into laying out the facts of what this program is and isn’t.

    I think I’m gonna stick around and read more of what you have here on your site.

    1. Thanks Steve. I appreciate you taking the time to read it. Wealthy Affiliate offers a tremendous way for many people to achieve their goals, so I wanted to make sure I did not short change them. As Affiliate Marketers our business is really reviewing products in a genuine way and gaining the trust of our visitors so that they can make a decision one way or the next. It is in our best interest then to ensure we do satisfy them by doing the best we can.

      Here’s to choosing!

  2. Amazing information! Thank you for the wonderful review. I believe I can make an informed decision.

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