Your ‘About’ Page

Every quality website has an ‘About’ page, and your website will have one as well.

Very early in the organization of your website you will be asked to write the content for this page and launch it live.

I recommend that you start writing this page now, or at the very least, start thinking about it and making notes relevant to what you will cover on this page.

The areas normally covered on the ‘About’ page include:

– why internet marketing;

– what you hope to achieve in terms of internet marketing and/or helping people;

– a childhood tale that ends us with you being here usually captivates your audience;

– the website’s mission – what your hope to achieve with your website (preferably not in terms of dollars);

– pictures of you (this is not compulsory) or other relevant images;

Take a look at the About page here at for some guidance, but make sure that the story you tell on your page is your story.

The About page is usually updated as your develop and build out your site, so you will be making changes to it as time goes by. Your first launch does not have to be perfect, and you can always modify it as you see fit while you build your site.

Be mindful though that visitors usually browse the About page to get an understanding of the type of website they have landed on, so your first attempt at it should still be a quality first try.

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